La Belle Debbie



         Like honey upon wholewheat toast
             was the color of her eyes and her hair
          and such indeed was her loveliness
             that none its like was to be found
          in Nineteen Sixty-Nine nor for many
             a comparatively dismal season thereafter.

          To no lesser beauty did Danny Bananas
             dare declare himself, asking if she
          might care to step out in his company:
             and from the moment she accepted
          their destinies held the nectarine promise
             of proving sweetly mutual.

          From that moment too did La Belle Debbie
             beckon Danny Bananas ever nearer
          to her dreams of a whiteknightly movement
             towards a Golden Aquarian Age
          filled brimful with infinite peace
             and biodegradable grape-boycott.


          Neither ring nor chain would they exchange
             yet so deep became Danny's commitment
          to his belovèd's causes (and also l'amour)
             that to mark the first Earth Day he gave her
          a wholewheat-colored gerbil newly dubbed
          "100% Recyclable," or Psych for short.

          Though not for long: such is not a gerbil's lot
             and Psych they all too soon consigned
          to their backyard's propagative earth:
             but in Danny's own background the contents
          of La Belle Debbie's honeytinted hourglass
             remain unmingled with postmellow sands.


Originally published in
The Duckabush Journal
(Sequim, WA: The Duckabush Press)
No. 5, Fall 1990

Copyright © 1990, 2004  by P. S. Ehrlich

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