top row left:  Living in
tents on Guam, August 1945
L to R: "me of course," Dave Porterfield of 6C3, Sparky Lawton of 6C3, Will Dolan of 6B5, Hal Slipp of 6C3, George Withee of 6B5

top row right:  Building barracks on Guam, August 1945
L to R:  Dave Porterfield of 6C3, George Ehrlich of 6B6, Sparky Lawton of 6C3, Herk Pettis of 6B6

middle row left:  George inside the barracks, October 1945

middle row right:  George outside the barracks ("interrupted while reading"), November 1945

bottom row:  a sketch George made inside the barracks on Guam