top left:  The APQ-7 Eagle radar antenna
(courtesy of Swann p 39)

left:  "Gasoline Alley": the 315th Bomb Wing's targets on their fifteen combat missions (with Tsuchizaki #15 at the far north)
(courtesy of Swann p 150)

top right:  Crew 6C3, whose officers shared a barracks on Guam with George's Crew 6B6:
front row, L to R: 2nd Lt. Harold E. "Sparky" Lawton II, navigator; 2nd Lt. Wallace J. Doan Jr., bombardier; 1st Lt. Harold G. Slipp, commander; 2nd Lt. David W. Porterfield, co-pilot; 2nd Lt. George H. Normandin [not Normandie], radar observer