above:  Crew 6B6 of the 356th Bomb Squadron

back row, L to R: 1st Lt. Hercules Pettis, commander; 2nd Lt. Charles B. Clawson Jr., co-pilot; 2nd Lt. Wayne F. MacFarland, bombardier; 2nd Lt. Blair C. Archer, navigator; 2nd Lt. George Ehrlich, radar observer
front row, L to R:  Cpl. Charles V. Badger, radio operator; Cpl. Lester H. Raven, scanner; T/Sgt. Donald E. Allen, flight engineer; Cpl. Robert W. Phill, scanner; Cpl. Edward E. Thomison Jr., tail gunner

below:  Crew 6B6
, partying back at McCook after Gypsy Task Force training in Jamaica, c. May 1945

back row, L to R:  Don Allen, Bob Phill, Herk Pettis, Charles Badger, Chuck Clawson
front row, L to R:  Mac MacFarland, "me," Lester Raven, Ed Thomison, Blair Archer