Views of Dartington, March 1955

                    top left:  Dartington Hall "in the sun"

                    top right:  Dartington Hall from the front

                    middle left:  Jim Douglas, Jerry Leider, and Patrick Blackwell with John Lavender's "homemade car"

                    middle right:  golden cat among crocuses

                    bottom left:  Peter Baldwin crouching; Patrick Blackwell, Gina Stott, Mary Noonan, Jerry Leider, Eileen Varley, Daphne

                    bottom right:  Mary, Jim, Patrick, Jack, Jerry, Eileen, Gina, Sylvia

                    (in her Fulbright scrapbook, Mila Jean noted: "Some of these actors, designers and directors eventually became 'BIG Names' in Theatre")